Each and every artist gets inspired by something or somebody. Also each and every artist is trying to work as truly as possible. By reading the following qoutation Atelier07 has found a truth which is inspiring enough to last a lifetime: 

All is fair, all is possible, provided human behind it, becomes vissible, truly as he is: naked as life itself.
Roger Bissiëre -,

Naked as life itself. That's what painting is about, at least to me it is. Lines, dots, spots, colour, vissible & invissible brushstrokes, co-operating or independent, beauty or disgust. All of this becoming a cluster. A cluster like live it self. Appealing to some, repelling to others, but always honest.

I don't work on a canvas but upon its spectator.

                                             - Henri Matisse -.

One more quotation says it all. Art becomes only alive if the spectator gets touched  by it. One of  Atelier07 objectives is to make this happen. Promoting art in all its shapes and capacitys is and will be the target.

To reach this goal Atelier07 started the All In Art project in 2011 by organising the AIA expo in the Oefenbunker Landgraaf in November 2011. Inviting twenty-four national and international artist. Promoting sound-art, urban-art, painting, sculpture, music etc. In the year 2012 not only continuing the All in All project but also starting the Paper Works project { installation-art } and starting a coöporation with the Durutti Can Company.

Connecting international artist and artinitiatives, creating a strong and powerfull force which promotes art as strongly as possible. Starting Januari 2013 we will use the blog in this homepage to introduce participating artist and art-initiatives. Our first participant will be the German artist of No Budget Arts in Bochum. Each following month another successor will be added to an ever increasing list. Thus linking up and promoting the artist works and initiatives.

Further Atelier07  will focus on exhibiting, not only its own work but also, exhibit the work of various artist.Street-art, sound-art, video ... , artist  will be all over the place. Not only Atelier07's base Landgraaf. Not only the Netherlands. Crossing boarders without any limitation is our goal, like art itself. Like live itself.

In  the webshop you can see  a part of the art-works available for sale, {prices : as mentioned in the webshop}. Also you can order a portait or mural, {prices : on reaching an understanding}. Workshops might be of your or your organisation's interest. Here also prices  on reaching an understanding.

Contact : info@atelier07.nl



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